Programme Director – Vic Brailey

Vic is a respected consultant with particular expertise in funding, project management and contract management. With a background in Adult and Community Learning and community development he has worked in a Local Authority environment and has had close links with various funding bodies, particularly on the strategic development of community-based learning programmes. He has had extensive experience of consulting with local community groups to identify need and develop appropriate Adult Learning programmes as well as a wide range of experience in scoping projects that meet the requirements of funding bodies and successfully managing and delivering contracts to target and budget. He has a wide knowledge of developments in learning and regeneration and has used this to support VCS projects in their contract management process. He has been trained as a project manager using the Manchester City Council version of PRINCE 2. He has worked with large partnerships and is very experienced in drawing together projects that meet multiple needs. He has worked extensively across the VCS sector and is very experienced in developing strategies and action plans in this area. He has successfully led organisations through MATRIX, QAA and ISI inspections.