Employability Prograames

Working with the Manchester College

Working closely with Manchester College we offer a 90 hr programme that is aimed at helping those who have been unemployed for some time improve there employability skills. The course is accredited by Open Awards and covers the following 6 units;


  • Unit 1 Introduction to a Training Course
  • Unit 2 Introduction to Teamwork Skills
  • Unit 3 Introduction to Group and Teamwork Communication Skills
  • Unit 4 Introduction to Career Preparation
  • Unit 5 Developing Skills for Gaining Employment
  • Unit 6 Introduction to Preparing for a Recruitment interview, all at Entry 3

Most of the evidence will be provided by completing the workbook provided. Some of the evidence will require you to produce documents.  This will include; a C.V., 2 application forms and an action plan. Further evidence will be provided by your tutor in the form of tutor observation sheets, particularly for the section on interview skills.

All the above evidence should be kept in your portfolio.

Accreditation evidence provides proof that you have met the intended learning outcomes of the course.  The assessment criteria, identifies what you need to do to show you have understood the learning outcomes.  This is provided across a range of activities including;

  • Entries in the work book
  • Production of specific documents e.g. CVs and application forms
  • Tutor assessment: written evidence from the tutor that shows you have demonstrated what you can do e.g. answer questions in an interview situation.


To be eligible for this course you must be in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benefit or Employment Support Allowance. You must also be over 18 and looking for work.

Other Employability Support

Although our major employability programme is delivered in partnership with Manchester College we work alongside programmes that are offered seperatly by our delivery partners. These include job clubs, job search and personal advice services.

Remember once you are in employment you may also be eligible for further training through our work based learning programme.

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