Employer Zone

Work Place Learning

We are currently negotiating with local Colleges to deliver further training in the workplace for those who do not currently have qualifications.

The aim of the Work Place Learning Programme is to promote the in-work progression of employed individuals with low skills through delivery of work related skills training. To provide provision that will raise their level of attainment, enabling individual to improve their employment status and to move on to undertake higher levels of training. There will be a particular focus on those more vulnerable to future unemployment, with barriers to achieving sustainable unemployed in the 19-24 year old Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) group.

Manchester First will work with the employer to undertake robust initial assessment of eligible participants; deliver vocational regulated units and qualifications on the Qualification and Curriculum Framework (QCF) and support of participants into higher levels or training and workplace progression. Participants will also be supported by the provision of regular progress reviews; exit interviews and individual tracking.


The main purpose of this programme is to ensure that participants can progress to one or more of the following:


  • Starting an Apprenticeship/Higher Apprenticeship
  • Starting on QCF-regulated skills training at a higher level
  • Moving into secure employment
  • Promotion or increased responsibility and an increase in wages
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